Bringing Local Cookley School History To Life

This project  is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

  • ‘Bringing Local Cookley School History To Life’ is an exciting Heritage Lottery Funded project. Children and young people from Cookley Sebright Primary School and Cookley Youth Club have been charting the history of Cookley Sebright Primary School from 1849 to present day…. through drama, art, costume, poetry and multi media.
  • ORAL HISTORY – children have received oral history training from a local Cookley historian to enable them to video interview former students and teachers from Cookley school.
  • DRAMA – children have developed and filmed 8 drama scenes highlighting what school was like during different times in history.
  • SPOKEN WORD POETRY – children have created and filmed 3 spoken word poems about Cookley school in Victorian Times, during World War 2 and current day.
  • FASHION – children have created and filmed a fashion show to highlight what children have been wearing to Cookley school since it opened in 1849.
  • iBOOK – The ‘Bringing Local Cookley School History To Life’ iBook, designed and made by children and young people, will engage it’s young readers in learning about the history of Cookley Sebright Primary School.
  • DIGITAL HISTORY ACHIEVEMENT BADGES  – Children and young people are able to achieve online digital achievements badges for their engagement and involvement in the ‘Bringing Local School History To Life’ project. Digital Badges are awarded to children once they have completed different activities, tasks or have gained historical knowledge.